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Jenny Lusk on Slate - Sold to ItalyHarold and Jenny strive to try and produce young horses with good conformation and limbs combined with correct athletic movement.  They are very strict in their selection and purchase of young horses.  Harold says ‘Correct conformation, clean limbs and good athletic movement are most important for any branch of equestrian Sport.’  Jenny adds ‘Today production costs are so high that we must be always increasingly more critical and diligent of the horses we purchase’.

We strive to find the right horse for our clients and take into account their individual requirements ranging from leisure riding through to competition horses - some of which have gone on to compete successfully at International Level such as Shear H20 with Leslie Law in Eventing and Paper Doll with Rodrigo Pessoa in Show Jumping.

We have a selection of 4 and 5 year old horses. They must be seen to appreciate their quality and potential to become Top Class Eventers/Working Hunter Horses.